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Travel to New York. Perhaps the world’s most famous city and certainly the one with the most attitude, New York is the type of city that everyone must travel to once in their lives. New York is hard yet beautiful, loud and eccentric, fashionable and ugly. It is a series of little villages that bring such a wide variety of people together you can go from China to Paris in just a few blocks, ride a horse along a grassy hill, ice skate under twinkling lights and groove to the tunes of superb jazz, all within a few square miles.

New York is divided into five separate districts, known locally as “boroughs,” and these boroughs are further subdivided into smaller neighborhoods, each with its own distinct characters. The main part of New York City that most people know is the borough of Manhattan, a peninsula that extends out in a long arm from the greater state of New York. Within Manhattan, numerous exciting neighborhoods come together, such as the bohemian Greenwich Village and the colorful Chinatown. Expanding north, south and west from Manhattan are other four boroughs: Brooklyn, the Bronx, Queens and Staten Island. Most of New York’s most well known attractions, though, are situated on the island of Manhattan, including many of the first stops on any New York travel itinerary, like the Empire State Building, Rockefeller Center and, of course, Central Park, one of the largest urban parks in the USA.

Incredibly well known for its ethnic diversity, New York has long been a haven for immigrants, and many of those that would become the founding cultures of America came through the doors on Ellis Island. It is no surprise, then, that New York’s culinary and entertainment scenes are chock full of different tastes, smells and sights, and whether you are craving sushi at 4am or a perfect French croissant, you will likely have no trouble finding it - an any hour - in this, the “City that Never Sleeps.”

As one of the liveliest and most diverse cities on earth, New York is often the meter by which other cities gauge their own cosmopolitan development. New Yorkers reflect this true city atmosphere with their fast-paced lifestyles and no-nonsense attitudes that can often come off as brash. Make no mistake, New York City travel will be a trial to your five senses and it will awe and delight you with its myriad of colors, tastes and exciting adventures on every front.


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